Since the early 1990s, our company has been producing and exporting a variety of pulses such as black eyed beans, red and brown cow peas, large lima beans, green mung beans, bamboo beans and white beans. Our pulses are produced and manufactured from the best farms and plantation zones in Madagascar. Therefore, they are of high nutritional value. We are well-known for supplying an assortment of top quality pulses and grains to our local and international clients. We always make sure that our customers are satisfied with the exceptionally selected product that we deliver to them.

Contact informations

Phone: + 33 9 53 19 91 91
mobile: + 33 6 52 97 44 50
mobile: + 33 6 04 03 99 21


Rue Lacaze – La carrière
BP 503 – 401 Majunga


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